What if you don’t exist ?

8/27/20238 min read

Robert Wilson was a normal person working in the same bank for 19 years with the same routine from 8 to 5. He had a family that was not typical, but full of love and care. His wife, Sarah, had two children, Ramona and Silas, from her first marriage. Though they were not biologically his, Robert loved them as his own and provided for them without hesitation. Sarah had divorced her abusive ex-husband and had no contact with him, leaving Robert as the loving father figure in their lives. They were content with the family they had and cherished the bonds they shared. Robert also cared for his sick mother himself, despite having a sister and a brother. Unlike his siblings, Robert tended to his mother's every need, making sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed. It was a beautiful family, and they had a beautiful home in a lovely neighborhood.

One day, Robert came home with the stress of his work weighing on his shoulders. His boss was not always good to him and often gave him extra work. He was tired of his boss that day as he had to go to work on Christmas too, which was in the next two days. He reached his home and parked his car. He was upset, but as soon as he opened his door, his daughter came running to him and hugged him, and his son started to scream, "Daddy's home!" His mom came to the hallway, and his wife was preparing the table for dinner. He felt a warm wave of relief wash over him as he smiled at their bright faces. He kissed his children and said, "Wait, I will take a bath, and you both can tell me how your day was." He went to his room, refreshed, and came to the table to have dinner. Everybody was there and excited about Christmas until his son, Silas, asked him about the plan for Christmas day. Robert's mood went down, and he said, "Sorry, love, this time I have to be in the office. But your mother will take you all to the picnic." His children's faces fell, and a heavy silence filled the room. Robert felt a pang of guilt in his chest, knowing he had disappointed them again.

"It's okay, Dad," Ramona said softly, breaking the silence. "We understand. You work hard for us, and we appreciate it."

She reached out and squeezed his hand, giving him a reassuring smile. Silas nodded in agreement, but Robert could see the sadness in his eyes.

"Maybe we can plan something for the weekend," Ramona suggested. "We can all go together then."

Sarah smiled at her daughter, grateful for her maturity and optimism. She looked at Robert and said, "We will see."

Family dinner
Family dinner

They finished their dinner and went back to their bedroom.

Sarah was in the bedroom with him and asked him if he could take a holiday. Robert told her he would try. In the middle of the night, Robert woke up and started thinking about his family. He went to Ramona's and Silas's room, where he saw a poster of a prestigious college near Ramona's bed. Ramona, who was 19, had been preparing for a scholarship exam for three years but hadn't passed in two attempts, and Robert couldn't afford to pay the full amount for college. Silas, being younger, always wanted a gaming PC, which was also very expensive and beyond Robert's means. He sat outside in the backyard, contemplating his family's desires that he couldn't fulfill. He thought about his mother needing better and expensive treatment, but due to house and personal loans, he couldn't afford it. His wife asked him for a car, but Robert couldn't afford that either. Despite not being able to provide everything, his family was always understanding and kind to him. He felt a deep sense of hurt for not being able to provide these things for his family.

The next morning, after a restless night of tossing and turning, Robert prepared for work and was about to take his car when he saw Eva, the town sheriff, passing by his house. He waved and smiled at her. Eva was Robert's ex-girlfriend from college, and they had broken up two years before Robert and Sarah's marriage. Eva was still single, and Robert carried guilt in his heart thinking that he was the reason she never married. He got back in the car without wasting any time and left for the office.

At the office, it was business as usual, and at the end of the day, Robert approached his boss and asked for the next day off as it was Christmas. The boss told him he had to come no matter what, but assured him that he would be allowed to leave early. Robert, being a humble guy, couldn't say no and simply turned back to his car, silently sitting inside. While driving, he burst into tears and cursed under his breath, feeling lost and undervalued. He questioned his existence, repeatedly asking God why he was in this world.

He eventually stopped near a lake, a place he often went to when feeling stressed. Sitting on a bench, he cried like a baby. A tall man approached and sat beside him. The man asked Robert what the problem was. Robert remained silent for some time, but the man persisted and introduced himself as a wizard who had traveled from another world. He said he had a special gift that allowed him to sense people's emotions and desires, and that he felt Robert's sadness and longing for a different life. He said he wanted to help Robert see another possibility and give him a choice to change his destiny.

a man sitting on a bench in a park
a man sitting on a bench in a park

Robert felt a strange attraction to the man. He felt like he could trust him and open up to him. He wiped his tears and told him everything: his job, his family, his wishes, his problems, his questions. He asked him why he was born and what his purpose was.

The man listened patiently and attentively to Robert's story. He then asked Robert what he thought would happen if he didn't exist. Robert said he thought his family would be better off without him. He said they would find someone else who could give them everything they wanted and make them happy. He said they wouldn't miss him or remember him.

The man laughed softly and said, "How do you know that?" Robert was silent for a moment, then said, "I don't know. I just feel that way."

The man smiled at him and stood up. He walked towards the lake that was behind the bench. He called Robert to follow him. Robert got up and walked towards him, curious about what he was doing.

The man asked Robert to follow him to a secluded spot in the park. Robert did as he was told and walked with the man. He saw the man holding a wooden staff in his hand. It looked like an old and carved stick with runes and symbols.

The man explained that he had a special power that could grant Robert's wish and send him to a parallel universe where he didn't exist. Robert laughed nervously, thinking the man was joking or crazy. He asked the man if he was okay and if he needed help.

The man laughed too and said he was serious and sane. He said he could prove it to him by showing him the other world where he didn't exist. He said nobody would recognize him there or know who he was.

Robert began to feel intrigued by the man's offer, considering the fact that the man seemed confident and calm. He wondered what it would be like to live in a world where he didn't exist. He wondered if his family life would be better without him.

The man then waved his staff and chanted some words in a strange language. A bright light flashed from the staff and projected a portal in front of them. The portal looked like a swirling vortex of colors and lights. The man said it was the gateway to the other world and that they had to enter it quickly before it closed.

Robert felt a mix of fear and curiosity as he followed the man towards the portal. They reached the tree and stepped into the portal, disappearing from this world.For a few seconds, Robert felt nothing but coldness and darkness. Then, everything turned white, and he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself lying on the shore of the lake, with two people pulling him out of the water. They were wearing uniforms that looked like police officers'. They wrapped a blanket around him and asked him if he was okay. Robert coughed and gasped for air. He looked around, confused and disoriented. He tried to remember what had happened and where he was.

He suddenly remembered walking towards the magical portal with the man who claimed to be a wizard from another world. He looked for him, hoping to find him nearby.

But before he could spot him, Eva, the town sheriff, came over to him and asked if he was okay. She looked concerned and worried.

Robert recognized her immediately. She was his ex-girlfriend from college, whom he had broken up with two years before marrying Sarah. They had remained friends after their breakup, but they had drifted apart over time. Robert felt relieved to see her face. He thought she could help him figure out what was going on.

Shivering, Robert began to explain everything to Eva, hoping she would understand. To his surprise, Eva looked at him strangely and asked for his name. Robert, confused, replied, "Don't you know me? I'm Robert, your college friend." Eva responded, "I don't know what you're talking about, but please sir, sit in the car we will talk at police station."

Robert went with Eva to the police station, where she asked for his identification. Robert repeatedly insisted that they knew each other, but when Eva checked the computer, she couldn't find any record of him. It was as if Robert had never existed.

Eva began to suspect that Robert might be involved in some criminal organization and was concealing his identity. She warned him that if he lied again, she would arrest him. Undeterred, Robert continued to share the same story, desperately trying to make Eva believe him. Frustrated, Eva grabbed his hand to put on handcuffs, but at that moment, Robert begged her to trust him and take him to his home. He promised that if she did, he would prove his identity by showing her his home.

Eva reluctantly agreed, and they got into the car, with Robert providing his home address. However, when they arrived, Robert gasped in disbelief at what he saw.

What will happen to Robert in his own hometown now that he is a stranger? Can he unravel the mystery behind his disappearance? Will Robert find support as he tries to prove his identity and reunite with his loved ones? Find out on part 2 of the story.